NameGenreFree StatusSingle PlayerMulti Player
4Story 200x125 RPG4StoryMMORPGItem shopNoYes
9dragons 200x125 RPG9DragonsMMORPGItem shopNoYes
adventurequest worlds 200x125 RPGAdventureQuest WorldsMMORPG
Free to tryNoYes
alganon 200x125 RPGAlganonMMORPGItem ShopNoYes
allods online 200x125 RPGAllods OnlineMMORPGItem shopNoYes
Aurora Blade 200x125 RPGAurora BladeMMORPG
Item shopNoYes
battle of the immortals 200x125 RPGBattle of the ImmortalsMMORPGItem shopNoYes
Blade Wars 200x125 RPGBlade WarsMMORPGItem shopNoYes
canaan 200x125 RPGCanaan OnlineMMORPG
Item shopNoYes
cultures online 200x125 RPGCultures OnlineMMORTS / RPG
Item shopNoYes
dragon age journeys 200x125 RPGDragon Age: JourneysRPG
Dragon Age Legends 200x125 RPGDragon Age LegendsRPG
Dragonica 200x125 RPGDragonica OnlineMMORPGItem shopNoYes
Dungeon Blitz 200x125 RPGDungeon BlitzMMORPG
Item shopNoYes
Entropia Universe 200x125 RPGEntropia UniverseMMORPGFree to tryNoYes
fiesta online 200x125 RPGFiesta OnlineMMORPGItem shopNoYes
florensia 200x125 RPGFlorensiaMMORPGItem shopNoYes
forsaken world 200x125 RPGForsaken WorldMMORPGItem shopNoYes
free realms 200x125 RPGFree RealmsMMORPG / CasualFree to tryNoYes
Heroes of Gaia 200x125 RPGHeroes of GaiaMMORTS / RPG
Item shopNoYes
King of Kings 3 200x125 RPGKing of Kings 3MMORPGItem shopNoYes
Pirates of the Burning Sea 200x125 RPGPirates of the Burning SeaMMORPGFree to tryNoYes
runes of magic 200x125 RPGRunes of MagicMMORPGItem shopNoYes
Spiral Knights 200x125 RPGSpiral KnightsMMORPGItem shopNoYes
lotro 2 200x125 RPGThe Lord of the Rings OnlineMMORPGFree to tryNoYes
the spirit engine 200x125 RPGThe Spirit EngineRPGFreeYesNo
the spirit engine 2 200x125 RPGThe Spirit Engine 2RPGFreeYesNo
uncharted waters online 200x125 RPGUncharted Waters OnlineMMORPG / SimulationItem shopNoYes

Free to try: Only a portion of the game is free to play, the rest can be purchased in an item shop or with a subscription fee.

Item shop: In-game items and features can be bought for real money.

RPG: Role-Playing Game. You create and control a character that improves during your adventures in a digital world.

Side Scrolling: In a side scrolling game characters can only move from side to side and up and down, like a 2D game with a side-on perspective.

Action RPG: An action RPG places the emphasis on delivering exciting action over intricate character development systems or an engaging storyline.

MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online. These games have thousands of participants in the same world.

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