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Bootcamp is a third person shooter demonstration of the Unity engine. In Bootcamp you’re flown into a remote area where you go through a bootcamp scenario. You walk around an abandoned complex and shoot at various targets and turrets with your semi-automatic and under-slung grenade launcher. It’s quite an impressive piece of engineering with top-notch graphics far above the norm even for downloadable free shooters, destructible terrain, fancy particle effects, and so on. It definitely shows the power of the Unity engine and yet it’s all playable right in your browser.


As you might have guessed there isn’t too much to Bootcamp in terms of actual gameplay or longevity of the experience. The whole thing is basically just a set of cutscenes and a short stint through a training ground, but the quality of the graphics and controls are enough to make it warrant mentioning. The various targets and drones return fire, but you can’t actually die which makes this more of a laid back visual experience than an actual game. Still, give it a go if you want to take a look at the future of browser games, and shoot a few turrets or blast open a few doors while you’re at it.

Play Bootcamp for free in your browser!


Genre: Browser-based Third Person Shooter / Engine Demo

Free Status: Free

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

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