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bootcamp unity Bootcamp   Unity

Bootcamp is a third person shooter demonstration of the Unity engine. In Bootcamp you’re flown into a remote area where you go through a bootcamp scenario. You walk around an abandoned complex and shoot at various targets and turrets with your semi-automatic and under-slung grenade launcher. It’s quite an impressive piece of engineering with top-notch graphics far above the norm even for downloadable free shooters, destructible terrain, fancy particle effects, and so on. It definitely shows the power of the Unity engine and yet it’s all playable right in your browser.

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Dynasty Saga Dynasty Saga

Dynasty Saga is a browser-based real-time strategy game set in ancient China during the Han Dynasty. It differs a great deal from most browser strategy games because it puts the emphasis squarely on combat rather than resource gathering or base building. You set out to gather numerous armies and generals under your banner while campaigning against ever more powerful AI opponents, and eventually other players as well. The result is a strategy game that at once feels more involved and doesn’t require as much time investment to compete as its competition.

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Avert Fate Avert Fate

Avert Fate is a short singleplayer first person shooter that was released as a tech demo for the popular Unity graphics engine. You fight your way through hordes of killer droids, heavily armed dropships, and even a giant robot that fires bursts of electricity. The environment crumbles around you as it comes under heavy fire and despite the fact that it’s a slightly older tech demo it still manages to look quite good even by modern standards.

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BC Wars BC Wars

BC Wars is a browser-based MMORPG that lets you design and guide a caveman through a prehistoric world. After determining your caveman’s appearance, gender, and basic skills you set out to explore Pangrea and make a name for yourself. How you achieve that is entirely up to you, ranging from simply exploring the world and gathering berries to battling dinosaurs or managing a shop. As you gain experience you’ll specialize in more specific directions that allow you to excel beyond your competition and improve your chances out in the wild. It may all be presented in a fairly simplistic and static text-based format, but BC Wars makes up for it lack in visual splendor with oodles of depth.

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